Fueler Collection

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Fueler Collection


Say goodbye to the bags under your eyes and hello to a boost of energy with our Fueler Collection! Fruit Fuelers deliver a wave of refreshing flavor, and 190mg of all-natural caffeine from green coffee extract. From tart and sweet, like Raspberry Lemonade and Sour Watermelon, to fun and fruity, like Blueberry Pomegranate and Peachy Lychee, the Fueler Collection gives you everything you need to DISCOVER MADNESS again and again.

Each Bundle Contains:
  • One (1) Tub of Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Fueler
  • One (1) Tub of Peachy Lychee Fruit Fueler
  • One (1) Tub of Sour Watermelon Fruit Fueler
  • One (1) Tub of Blueberry Pomegranate Fruit Fueler
  • One (1) Purple Gradient Shaker Cup*
*The included shaker is recommended to be hand-wash only

$59.99 $110.95


No coffee taste

190mg of natural caffeine from green coffee

100 total servings!

Stir powder in the tub before scooping.

Add one scoop to 16 ounces of ice-cold water.

Shake well (Pro tip: Add a few ice cubes to your shaker cup)!

Fuel all the way up & enjoy your #coffee4fuel!

Customer Reviews

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Once again it's amazing!

Like all the flavors, they are amazing! I haven't had the blueberry pomegranate before and it is delicious! The shaker is fantastic as well. Sour watermelon is quite possibly the best flavor out there.