Boba Milk Tea Starter Kit



Taro Tiger Brown Sugar Matcha

Boba Milk Tea Starter Kit

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Each Starter Kit Includes:
  • One (1) tub of Instant Boba Milk Tea Powder
    • Your choice of Taro, Tiger Brown Sugar, or Matcha
  • Eight (8) Packets of Tapioca Boba Pearls (in a brown sugar syrup)
  • Eight (8) Plastic Boba Straws

*The included shaker is recommended to be hand-wash only

YOUR BOBA REVOLUTION BEGINS RIGHT HERE. The MADRINAS Boba Tea Starter Kit has everything you need to create your perfect Boba Tea in seconds (yes, you read that right). With three founding flavors to choose from, each kit comes equipped with a tub of Instant Boba Milk Tea. DISCOVER MADNESS and forge your new boba future right here, right now.

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Taro Tiger Brown Sugar Matcha

Boba pearl packets included

Plastic straws included

8 servings per kit

Limited edition Boba Shaker Cup included


Boba Tea, also know as bubble tea, originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. Now more than 40+ years later, MADRINAS Boba Tea turns the ordinary into extraordinary with Milk Tea that is made in an instant. Boba Tea is traditionally served with tapioca pearls, commonly referred to as boba to add excitement and contrast to the drink. Get ready to shake up your world with MADRINAS Boba Tea & Boba Pearls. DRINK BOBA TEA. DISCOVER MADNESS.

Stir tub ingredients well before scooping.

Add one scoop of Boba Tea magic to 13 ounces of ICE-COLD WATER.

Shake well (Pro tip: Add a few ice cubes to your shaker cup)!

Ready in an instant! Start sipping and DISCOVER MADNESS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jon Kumar
Wonderful taste, packaging, and experience.

I love the Madrinas Boba Tea Taro package. I opened the package up today and followed the instructions. The taste was great, and the drink was invigorating with caffeine to start the day. I will purchase it again. Better than the local coffee shops!

Riley Cromley
Amazing Starter Kit

this starter kit was great since i dont normally have boba tea. i really loved that it was so easy and the flavor was great!

Boba has never been this easy

I've tried other Boba Tea at-home kits and they are terrible. This is truly the best out there. Easy and quick to make. Not to mention the Taro is fantastic.

Packaging is also a plus, such a fun unboxing experience!

Kevin Xu
Boba tea experience

As a boba tea lover, having this and tasting it is so good. Great taste from the drink and the boba pearls are amazing. I highly recommend getting it if you love Milk tea and boba.

Pearly Shakes!

I was so stoked when the bubble tea line was announced and of course preordered a kit!

Having tapioca pearls at home can be a huge chore, and while I don't think the provided packets are a perfect solution they were a million times easier and more edible than attempts I've made on my own in the past! The shaker included with this kit is really cute and fun and I liked the option of getting one to use exclusively with my bubble tea flavors. (I don't want them to come out tasting like coffee, after all!) I did find the tea foamed quite a bit after shaking so I think in the future I will use a different glass instead of drinking out of the shaker to see if that helps.

All in all, a good option for bubble tea at home!

Madrinas, please 86 the plastic straws! I appreciate the inclusion, as regular straws will not accommodate the size of the pearls and some customers might not be aware of that. I totally get it. But, if you're open to suggestions, perhaps the inclusion of a reuseable straw instead of the plastic ones? Or maybe a special shaker with a built-in straw? Maybe the ability to opt out of the plastic straws when adding the kits to our carts at least? Pretty please. <3