Georgia Peach Lemonade


Georgia Peach Lemonade

Charged Refresher

Savor the sun-kissed sweetness of Georgia peaches with this low-sugar Georgia Peach Lemonade Charged Refresher. Our Charged Refreshers bring the energy to shake up your day with 190 mg of all-natural caffeine. The sweet juicy peach flavor with tart lemonade is a foolproof way to keep life extra peachy!

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Refreshing Peachy, Lemonade Flavor

190mg of caffeine


About the Travel Series

Pack your bags and prepare for an adventure. Our Travel Series took the Madrinas Team all over the United States to create delicious flavors based on incredible destinations. Find your favorite from our 5 flavors: Saint Louis Gooey Butter Cold Brew, Mississippi Mud Pie Cold Brew, New York Cheesecake Cold Brew, Georgia Peach Lemonade Charged Refresher, and Miami Vice Charged Refresher.

Want even more? Watch the Travel Series episodes for Georgia above. Give this delicious flavor a try and VOTE for it as your favorite! Only one flavor will be crowned victorious!

Stir tub ingredients well before scooping.

Add one scoop of Charged Refresher magic to 16 ounces of ICE-COLD WATER.

Shake well (Pro tip: Add a few ice cubes to your shaker cup)!

Ready in an instant! Start sipping and DISCOVER MADNESS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Renegade Mermaid
I LOVE Peach Lemonade!!

This fruit fueler tastes like what sipping leminade while sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch in summer feels like. Soul food.

Charles Painter
The best!

Since Strawberry Kiwi was vaulted. This is my go to charged refresher. Great taste and I actual have to fight myself to not drink it all day long and go overboard with the caffeine.

Lukas Spencer
The Perfect Level of Sweet

Grabbed this with reward points and am kicking myself for not going with it sooner!! The peach is not overpowering but shines through, and the Lemonade flavor helps keep it not overly sweet. Highly recommend!!

billie jo

very nice flavor and not too sweet or sour

Leah Stopher
Tart and Sweet

Tart and sweet, I enjoy this one. It's not got a weird aftertaste. Love the minimal ingredients.