Miami Vice


Miami Vice

Charged Refresher

Break the rules with MADRINAS' Miami Vice Charged Refresher. With a refreshing wave of flavor, this Refresher brings the energy to shake up your day with 190mg of all-natural caffeine. The perfect low-sugar combo of sweet strawberries, tart pineapple, and creamy coconut, Miami Vice will bring the sunshine and you'll never have to worry about forgetting the sunscreen.

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Summery fusion of strawberry and pina colada flavors

189mg of caffeine


About the Travel Series

Pack your bags and prepare for an adventure. Our Travel Series took the Madrinas Team all over the United States to create delicious flavors based on incredible destinations. Find your favorite from our 5 flavors: Saint Louis Gooey Butter Cold Brew, Mississippi Mud Pie Cold Brew, New York Cheesecake Cold Brew, Georgia Peach Lemonade Charged Refresher, and Miami Vice Charged Refresher.

Want even more? Watch the Travel Series episodes for Miami above. Give this delicious flavor a try and VOTE for it as your favorite! Only one flavor will be crowned victorious!

Stir tub ingredients well before scooping.

Add one scoop of Charged Refresher magic to 16 ounces of ICE-COLD WATER.

Shake well (Pro tip: Add a few ice cubes to your shaker cup)!

Ready in an instant! Start sipping and DISCOVER MADNESS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Valerie Pagan
Love it

I don’t drink coffee, so I’m usually an energy drink person, but I’ve been wanting to cut down because it gets expensive. So happy I found madrinas and their fruit fuelers, Miami vice was my first tub and it didn’t disappoint!

Austen Adorisio
The perfect blend of juicy fruit flavors and coconut

I really like this refresher because of its simplistic cherry and coconut flavors. The coconut is just prominent enough to bring something to the table but not overwhelming. The cherry and pineapple flavors bring a refreshing and fruity addition to the drink that is fantastic



Tastes like sour strawberry.

I don't taste the coconut or pineapple personally, it tastes like sour strawberry candy. I really enjoy it. It's my favorite refresher out of all of the flavors I've tried so far. I like it better than strawberry kiwi.

Do you like Pina Coladas? I didn't before. I do now.

I'm not AT ALL a pina colada type of person. I don't really care for most pineapple and coconut flavorings seperately, let alone mixed all together at once, and especially with the wildcard that is strawberry. I went into this, expecting the berries to end up carrying the flavor into mediocrity. Even knowing how good I like Madrinas' other fruit flavors, I was doubtful. But not only was I not at all let down, honestly I'm shocked at just how much I loved this.
The pineapple is the front-facing flavor, the thing that stands out the absolute most. That's not surprising, it's acidic, it's strong, these things are to be expected. But I can ALSO taste the strawberry, which is really satisfying and authentic, and I can even taste the coconut itself! And it's not an insanely overpowering, crazy strong artificial flavor. It doesn't taste that artificial at all, which is absolutely flooring to me.
Madrinas has managed to make me love a flavor that I was afraid to even touch! It truly IS a vice to be this tasty!