TheStockGuy Hawaiian Kona Blend


TheStockGuy Hawaiian Kona Blend

Whole Bean Coffee

Developed in collaboration with TheStockGuy, this Limited Edition Hawaiian Kona Blend features 12 oz of expertly, medium roasted Whole Bean Coffee with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, and berries. Often regarded as some of the best coffee on earth, Kona Coffee offers a smooth and medium bodied coffee that you can enjoy all day long.




Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate / Nutty / Berry


Kona / Brazil / Colombian


We work directly with suppliers to source only high quality, Specialty Class Arabica coffee beans and promote sustainable business practices


We believe the best coffee is brewed the way YOU like it. If you can't decide how to brew, the Madrinas team has tested each brewing method and these are our favorites!

Pour Over - smooth dark chocolatey taste, nutty flavor, berry notes

French Press - smoky, fruity notes, smooth coffee roast


Combining financial education with humor and memes, TheStockGuy brings a fresh new dynamic to the world of investing and personal finance. Whether he's tackling 401K's, student debt, home loans, or how to get your stepsister un-stuck from a dryer, TSG combines his wealth of knowledge with understandable analogies to simplify the stock markets for the average Joe. When others are scared, you buy the dips!


TSG's Kona French Press


- 8 tablespoons of TheStockGuy Hawaiian Kona Blend


1. Grind 8 tablespoons of Kona Blend coarsely
2. Add coffee into the empty press
3. Fill press halfway to the top with hot water - saturating the grounds and making sure there are no dry spots
4. After 1 minute - give it a good stir
5. Fill press to the top with water
6. After 3 minutes place the lid on and firmly push the press all the way down
7. Serve immediately!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan Stevenson
Personal Favorite

Pretty much exactly what I wanted out of this coffee. Sometimes I'll blend in a few other beans like the Hazelnut one for a more chocolatey taste

matt lewis
Good Coffee, Bad Signal Service

The coffee is fantastic but the stock tips are suspect. He has also recently had several no call no shows.

Matt Myers

Ordered for the first time, love it!

hawaii heaven in a cup!

Im so glad they brought this back. It really is one of my favorites.