Peachy Lychee


Peachy Lychee

Charged Refresher

Take the leap with MADRINAS' Peachy Lychee Charged Refresher. This low-sugar Refresher provides a flavorful blast of energy with 190mg of all-natural caffeine. This combo of juicy peach with the subtly floral lychee might just become your new favorite!

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Stir tub ingredients well before scooping.

Add one scoop of Charged Refresher magic to 16 ounces of ICE-COLD WATER.

Shake well (Pro tip: Add a few ice cubes to your shaker cup)!

Ready in an instant! Start sipping and DISCOVER MADNESS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Nick B
Was skeptical at first

I bought then when it came out because why not. I was skeptical to try it for a long time because, let's be honest, what even is a lychee? I finally finished whatever tub I had been working on, so I opened this to give it a shot. My expectation was low, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was so good. It's lowkey one of my favorite flavors to date. It's peachy and not too sweet, but not bitter. Pro tip with the green coffee powders: mix with a little bit of water, then fill with sparkling water to get you through the afternoon. If you like fruity/peachy flavor, it's worth giving a try

4.5 stars

Previously I have said that I wish I could give a 4.5 out of 5 and I scored this a 4.
This time I am scoring it a five to make that 4.5, but also because the more I have the more I like it. It is subtle and delicious. Cool and refreshing. It will be great for the heat of summer.

Brian Limper
Great Energy Drink Alternative

After years of drinking mainstream energy drinks I recently was told due to some health issues that I could no longer consume large quantities of niacin anymore but these energy refreshers have been a great alternative for me!

This has been my favorite flavor I’ve tried so far, although the others were also good too. It has great flavor with just the right amount of energy without being too sweet or giving you a weird aftertaste.

I would definitely recommend these as a good alternative to other mainstream niacin filed energy drinks!

Super great flavour combination

I was unsure about this one when I bought it last year, but it definitely grew on me. I originally only got it because it was the only peach flavour refresher, and I wasn't exactly sure what lychee tasted like. Now that I have had it multiple times now, I would say it is a very enjoyable flavour and not to over powering.

Sweet and refreshing

This one's a really good morning drink! It's sweet and light, fruity, but not overpowering. Because of that, it's very refreshing and feels really hydrating too. My only small gripe is that because the flavour is as mild as it is, you can really taste the stevia, which I don't mind, but it's worth keeping in mind. My partner also really likes these refreshers because they're like coffee, but don't activate her acid reflex like regular coffee does or give the same jitteriness that more traditional energy drinks do. Overall, very pleased with it and I'll be getting it again!