Throwback Shaker Cup


Throwback Shaker Cup


Crank up the jams, bust out the sweatbands, & elevate your experience with our Throwback Shaker Cup. With measurements down the side, shaking up the perfect MADRINAS has never been easier. This shaker boasts electric pink and yellow accents on a bright teal base, designed to transport you back to the 90s. Get ready to DISCOVER MADNESS!

  • Holds 16 oz (500 ml) of liquid
  • Hand wash only recommended
  • BPA Free Non-toxic plastic


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Grace Hilton

I love how bright the colors are. I love how easy it is to take apart and clean! I also love how the side of the shaker has lines, in milliners and ounces. So it’s way easier to fill up the shaker with the recommended 13oz of water because I know I’m putting in the right amount.


Very durable product! I’ve used it for both Madrinas and other beverages and it has yet to fail me. It stays locked tight, and has not let a drop of fluid escape it’s grasp! It’s one of my favourite water bottles to bring with me on a run or when I’m going off to work.

First Flavor & Amazing Taste!

I have heard about Madrinas for sometime and was please to finally be able to experience what my friends were talking about. And I got to help my friend ExodusAblaze by using his coupon code!

The Irish Creme flavor is so smooth, creamy, not too strong with the flavor, comforting taste, and I recommend my friends that if you don't want the full scoop, just taking half a scoop is enough to help get you through the day!

With having the available options to receive Madrinas for cold brew is a bonus! Can't wait to try the other flavors soon!

Rayan A.
Can't go wrong

Love the colors on it and is just an excellent shaker for daily use!

Steven (SpaceMonkey) Sykes
My Favorite Shaker

I literally grew up in the 80s and 90s and this NEON colored shaker was a NO BRAINER to buy. It probably isn't the "style" any more but it lets me show off part of my personality and it's a great throw-back. Also, it's a shaker, it shakes things. keeps liquids in, and doesn't spill. In other words it works like it's supposed to. So, whatcha waitn' for? Hit buy now.