Throwback Shaker Cup


Throwback Shaker Cup


Crank up the 90s jams, bust out the sweatbands, and down your MADRINAS like the cool kids with our Throwback Shaker Cup! With measurements down the side and a classic colorway, shaking up the perfect MADRINAS has never been easier. This is how coffee is meant to be enjoyed!

  • Holds 16 oz (500 ml) of liquid
  • Hand wash only recommended
  • BPA Free Non-toxic plastic


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Steven (SpaceMonkey) Sykes
My Favorite Shaker

I literally grew up in the 80s and 90s and this NEON colored shaker was a NO BRAINER to buy. It probably isn't the "style" any more but it lets me show off part of my personality and it's a great throw-back. Also, it's a shaker, it shakes things. keeps liquids in, and doesn't spill. In other words it works like it's supposed to. So, whatcha waitn' for? Hit buy now.

Renne Yokoyama
My girlfriend loved it

They aren't my colors, but I think it's a good shaker. I hope to soon buy one that catches my attention more.

It's perfect!

The first time I saw this shaker I thought, "nice 90s colors" before reading it was, indeed, a 90s-inspired look! I already had two shakers (one for cold brew coffees and one for Fruit Fuelers) at the time and couldn't justify buying a third shaker I didn't really need... But a couple sampler cold brews I had weren't my speed so I passed them along to my sister - with one of my shakers. It may or may not have been the perfect excuse to get my hands on this 90s shaker! But, hey, what kind of a sister would I be if I hadn't passed one on with those cold brew samples? ;)

(Tip: The numbers along the side are, as with all my shakers so far, very difficult to read - especially first thing in the morning! I noted the line for 16 ounces in permanent marker so I can better see the fill line for making a Fueler. I've done the same with the 13 ounce mark on the shaker I use for cold brew coffees, but of course marking both on the same cup would be just as easy. Hope this is helpful to you!)

Grace Hilton

I love how bright the colors are. I love how easy it is to take apart and clean! I also love how the side of the shaker has lines, in milliners and ounces. So it’s way easier to fill up the shaker with the recommended 13oz of water because I know I’m putting in the right amount.

Deagan Wolf
Very sturdy cup

I bought this as a gift for my son. He will love it as much as I do